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Augment Human
Capabilities with AI
Attain Superlative
Customer Engagement with AI
Redefine your business
with limitless possibilities using AI

We offer a platform-based approach leveraging modern technologies to design, build, deploy, and manage such applications with a focus on Cloud First and Mobile First architectures. Our platform-based approach ensures the technology capabilities are composable, can be assembled and leveraged via the frameworks that we have built as part of the platform, significantly easing the modern technology adoption.

Our Services

Application Development

Transforming application and experience landscape to lead in the digital economy.

Application Modernization

Offers flexibility to enterprises by modernizing and migrating legacy systems to increase business responsiveness.

Business Efficiency Platforms

Brings process, event technologies, and life-cycle efficiencies together to deliver a unique experience to the customers.

Customer Experience Platforms

Transforming customers experience on modern digital channels across customer journey touch points

Digital Process Automation (RPA)

We offers intelligent BPM, with added capabilities on omni-channel integration, DevOps, headless BPM, integration with IoT devices.

Virtual Assistant

BotWorks offers a full spectrum of services to support the customers’ end-to-end automation journey.


Working closely with our clients, we gain a deep understanding of the product, its functionality and the target audience. We take care of the entire process, helping you translate your ideas into a high-performance product. As a part of new product development, we help you:.

  • Create POC for convincing stakeholder and partners
  • Translate business ideas into a high-performance software
  • Accelerate time-to-market, while meeting time and budget constraints
  • Maximize user acceptance through delightful UX
  • Support continuous enhancements and quick releases

Our prototyping services help you validate your product concept and convince partners and stakeholders. On the basis of the project’s requirements, we leverage rapid, evolutionary, incremental and extreme prototyping. Our service will help you:

  • Achieve accurate project estimates & set effective delivery milestones
  • Simulate business processes and automation, identify and eliminate issues
  • Perform user testing & obtain feedback from stakeholders
  • Build a sales tools for marketing and POC for concept validation and technical feasibility

Whether you want to build a superb UX for your new product, or want to modernize your existing suite of products, you can count on us. Our UX building services will help you:

  • Improved conversion rates
  • Higher customer satisfaction
  • Lower customer support costs
  • Enriched brand perception

DTEL Test Labs leverage proprietary test automation tool TestingWhiz, best practices, frameworks, and effective tools to help you deliver high-performance products faster. With our services, you will:

  • Detect and resolve bugs in time
  • Slash the cost of development
  • Shorten release cycles
  • Allow core team to focus on development
  • Mitigate security risks at the outset

Products created a few years in the past cannot support future aspirations. Through reengineering, we give an edge to your product. Our services will empower you to:

  • Leverage latest technologies for improved performance
  • Identify and eliminate defects with existing product
  • Improve user acceptance through UX rebuilding
  • Add scalability and flexibility to existing applications
  • Adopt new technologies and innovations

Our product support & maintenance services help you keep current customers satisfied without investing your own time and effort, and allows you to:

  • Cut costs of maintaining older versions of the product
  • Reduce time and effort investment in customer & issue handling
  • Rapidly improve product performance
  • Foster continuous innovation

Through our SAAS and mobility enablement offerings, we enable ISVs and product companies to benefit from a totally new way of selling. Our services will empower you to:

  • Reach wider customer base across different geographies
  • Optimize existing products on cloud platforms
  • Reduce the total ownership and cost of infrastructure

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