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We recognize that UC means different things to different people/parts of an organization. DTEL provides pre-built unified communications functionality that organizations can inject it their websites or applications, with minimal customization.

DTEL Wrappers are pre-packaged, fully functional software applications that can be delivered standalone or embedded into a website or application.

Our Offerings

Auto Attendant (BOT)

Voice BOT, Chat BOT, Conversations BOT

Cognitive Services (AI)

Language, Speech, Vision

Conference Collaboration

Web, Audio, Video, Message

Apps Integration

Integration with user facing apps/portals, Integration with B2B, Integration with line of business apps (ERP, CRM, Ticketing… )

Mobility / Call Handoff

Seamless Wifi/Cellular handoffs, Ability to move call across devices, Shared Contacts, Real-time user presence indications, Virtual attendance, Voice to text voice mail transcription

Miscellaneous Services

Presence Technology, Hardware, Directory, File sharing, Screen sharing, Call recording, Centralized management, VOIP


  • Presence Tools Promote Responsiveness - Unified Communications  solutions, often referred to as “presence tools,” empower the workforce to respond more quickly and effectively than non-integrated communications solutions.
  • Streamline Your IT Operations with a Unified Communications Strategy - As a unified communications provider, we offer a Technology as a Service model to streamline your IT operations and take routine day-to-day tasks off your IT team’s plate — so they can invest time in revenue-generating activities.
  • UC as a Service Eliminates Communications Barriers -  Today’s tools and technologies are as diverse and varied as the people using them. This diversity can cause integration challenges and interfere with productivity.
  • Increase Revenue - Improve your acquisition, activation, and commerce journey through accelerating communication, tracking interaction, and engaging customers where they choose to meet.
  • Retain Customers -  Improve cross-functional collaboration, mobilize your workforce, and improve customer adoption and advocacy with omni-channel enabled CRM, Contact Center (CCaaS), and Productivity Software integration.
  • Sustain Operability - A cloud communication strategy using UCaaS and software enabled functionality will lower cost, improve scalability, multiply IT spend ROI, and layer in QoS, security, and network fault tolerance that resiliently adapts.

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